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13 Days of Halloween….

13 Days of Halloween….
Okay kids… for today we have an old vintage favorite.
Today the imagery is from the old calendar pages from
The Antikamnia Chemical Company of St. Louis, Missouri.
Antikamnia was a scary little pill with caffeine, sodium b, citric acid.
and acetanalid…Used as a fever reducer and all around pain reliever.
During 1897-1901 theĀ  company produced several calendars
with “Skeleton Sketches”– based on watercolors
by the local physician-artist Louis Crucius.
I have taken my favorites of these and compiled
them into a collage sheet for ya…
Also I have posted my two fav’s in a bigger format.

– Lesley & Mike




13 Days of Halloween….

Wolfman Wolf Man Lon Chaney Jr Transform Change Transforming Emoticon Emoticons Animated Animation Animations Gif

Okay… so below is a rough…little video.

But we hope it inspires. 
A quick little video tutorial for 
Day 8 of our 13 days Of Halloween.
Also “Thank You” to all that have purchased Octobers Kit!
We are putting the  last few touches on them… 
They will ship out at the end of the week. 
If you are interested… we still have 20 available.
Closing date for this kit is 
Wednesday Oct. 27th at midnight.
Thanks everyone!
-Lesley & Mike

13 Days of Halloween….

 ATC “Creeper” Sheet #1
Happy Monday everyone!
Hope that you all had a great weekend.
A “big thanks” to everyone that came
and joined us for classes last week.
We had a great time.
Saturday’s class was the perfect way to end the month.
So for the 13 Days of Halloween… 
( I know… I’m behind..) 
Here is for days 10 & 9…. 
I created a deck of ATC sized “Creeper” Cards..
I think the word “Creeper” fits it best…
I hope that they inspire…
Feel free to use …however you like…
To download just click on the image… 
and follow the directions..  
Also for your viewing pleasure… 

Walt Disney’s La Danza Macabra The Skeleton Dance 1929

13 Days of Halloween

Elsa Lanchester as “The Bride of Frankenstein”

So here is imagery for the 11th day of
our 13 Days of Halloween….

This morning we have “The Bride of Frankenstein”.
In truth I can’t really watch the movie from start to finish.
I get bored….
Very bored…
But I love the romantic sense of it…
Monster needs a girlfriend… etc
I love the imagery in this movie…
Certain scenes call to me..

Bride of Frankenstein Scenes Animated Animation Gif

One of these days …

I will do a stunning acrylic or sketch of the bride…
One of these days..
At Mystic Paper ( one of our local shops) they
had  an “Altered Barbie Swap” last month.
My favorite was the “Bride of Frankenstein Barbie’.
Bravo to the artist.
So here are some images for your pleasure…

 Hope they inspire…

Seattle Part 1-Punk Rock Wedding

13-Days of Halloween…Vamps….

I’m behind… but here we go….
This is for Tuesday….
We cannot think of Halloween without vamps….
Lesley and I love our vampy sirens of silent film…
Our favorite would be Theda Bara.
Theodosia Burr Goodman was her true name.
One of the early sex symbols of American cinema.
The first real “femme fatale”of the screen…
first to be labeled “The Vamp”.
One of our other favorites would be Pola Negri.
So day 13 is dedicated to the “vamps of early cinema”.