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Back in town….back on the grid…

So Lesley and I are back in town…
We have been in Seattle for my brother’s wedding. 
Just got back in town… 
Have started sorting and responding to emails,
comments, and goodies.
During the last week we shut down… clocked out… off the grid.
No Facebook…no blogging, no emails,
no Etsy, shut the phones down..
Some people hate that….
Me? I lived without all that for the first 25 years of my life…
I love social media and tech …
but some times a person needs to unhook…
But we are back…lots to share.
A day of napping…
Took a day for resting and unloading…
The Wedding was fantastic!
Halloween is around the corner.
Tomorrow we start our “13 Days of Halloween” on the blog.
Kits are still being made… classes this week…and pics of the wedding and more coming soon.
Good to be back home…
Talk with you all soon…

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