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beeswax collage

Class kits and doggie doctor

“Wonderland” Hinged Beeswax class at Frenzy Stamper on Saturday.

So today I’m trying get Lesley & I caught up on things.
Emails, class kits, orders, blogging,
clean house, and “doggie doctor”.
We have a huge foxtail infestation outside.
The dogs are having huge problems…
So in between kit making and all…
I will be “doggie doctor”.
So in between pouring resin…
I will roll on the floor with the dogs..
Check paws for foxtails and then tape up
little baby socks on them.
Its a fun game playing “doggie doctor”…
They like to run, hide, and bite me.

Prepping for class tonight…
Its the last of our Wednesday night technique classes that
we will teach at Frenzy Stamper.

Resins & Glazes.
Tonight we will cover everything from UV resins,
two part resins, glossy accents,
lacquers, enamel resins, and UTEE.
If you have a passion for jewelry making
this class is for you.

Also prepping for this upcoming Saturday’s big class day at Frenzy Stamper.
In the morning we will be teaching a pendant and tag making class.
Here are a few examples…

We will be playing with enamel resin and UV resin
to create two silver overlay pendants- either for wear or artwork.

Then in the afternoon we will be teaching our
last beeswax collage class for the summer.
( Of course we always say that… but I think this time its true)
We are doing an ephemera and hardware filled- hinged beeswax collage piece
inspired by Alice in Wonderland and with a touch of rust and steampunk.
We call it “Wonderland”.
As always all supplies will be provided in both classes.

Feel free to bring your favorite scissors…
Any ephemera and images that you desire..
and a desire to create.

Below is another sample pic of the “Wonderland” piece….
Have a great day all!


Attempting to hide…

Attempting to hide from the world…
Just for the morning.
This week we have put in more than our time…
Many fifteen hour days…with work….
This morning we decided to sleep in….
Hide from the world…
But you know the reality of this one… you can only hide for so long…
They will always find you.

But we needed it..
Plus allergies are bad here…

But good news…. Tomorrow is beeswax madness!
Tomorrow… after Lesley and I get done
the 2010 CK Scrapbook Convention.
We are headed to Paper Vineyard for a day of beeswax.
First we are teaching a beeswax technique class, where you
will learn all the basics plus some advanced techniques.

Transparency stash for beeswax lab.
After class we are staying for dinner and
an open lab with all of our tools and pots
plus tons of goodies.
If you can make it… would love to see ya…
Have a great weekend everyone!

Image collection for tomorrow night’s beeswax lab.


Eighties fix and December rush.

Unfinished beeswax panels in the studio.
I need an eighties fix today.
I take comfort in the eighties.
Thompson Twins, Breakfast Club, Depeche Mode, Ferris, Sixteen Candles,
big hair, Dallas, pegged and rolled jeans, early U2, a touch of punk,
Valley Girl, Duran Duran, Solid Gold.
The list can go on and on…
I need it this morning.
I need a relaxing moment of calm.
December is upon us.
It has hit fast and furious.
Lesley’s mom has had a kidney transplant this week.
(So far so good)
The family biz has been cranking away.
Holiday youth camps have been planned out.
Holiday orders and goodies have been in full swing.
Thanksgiving has been cleaned and settled.
Xmas is getting set up.
CHA pieces are being created.
Gifts for family and friends are being produced, found, and hunted.
Home essentials are seeking attention this month
the water heater, the dryer, the water pipes.
Computer fix it jobs are keeping me on my toes.
Freelance design has been found where it can.
The nights have gotten longer.
The weather has finally turned colder.
My immune system has been bombarded.
Working with kids… I get coughed on, wiped on, cried on,
spewed upon, groped, kicked, hugged, and glued.
Why do I love teaching?
Besides being an inspiration, sharing, and creating.
I love organized chaos.
Plus -you never have the same day.
Also I love snack time.
I like snack.
Two of my favorite words… snack… and lunch…

Kids also make me laugh.

Its always changing.
Never a boring moment.

So anywho…

With all that.
We have decided to take some time off for awhile.
We need to get caught up on a few things.
We have decided to spend the next month or two
centering on family and friends.

The studio will be staying busy!
But we have decided to cut back on adult teaching for the next month or two.

We have several new projects in the making, techniques to share,
and several tech/ web related ideas that we want to get started on.
Also a few artistic Holiday gatherings to plan.

So we will only be teaching once this month.

This class will be offered this Saturday!

At Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale.

We will be teaching our last beeswax collage class for the year.
The theme is “Romantic Twenties”.
From Paris to New York.
Music halls, flappers, silent film starlets, and showgirls.
If you are an advanced student and you would
like to fuse your own images so that you
can create a special gift in this class. Just send me your own
photos via email and I will prepare your images.

One of Saturday’s class samples…

Thanks everyone for reading.

I’m off to bounce over to Tim’s blog for a peek at today’s tag.

Planning for the holidays & Pretty Paris this weekend!

A good weekend.
Planning the next few months out.
Digging recipes out, making cards, pulling addresses.
Its going to be one wild ride this holiday season.
No joke….
Centering ourselves and the studio for what may come.
Cleaned things this weekend.
Everything from computer files, to old studio piles.
We will be hosting Thanksgiving this year.
Also perhaps Christmas and a few more surprises.

We have some exciting things to share coming up.

I want to say thanks to everyone that has visited the blog in the last few weeks.
Lesley and I love your comments.
(So does my mom- LOL)

Almost done with the photo restoration and clean up.
I will start sending a few back in the next day or two.
Thanks for sharing.

Lesley and I will be teaching another Pretty Paris Beeswax Class
at Paper Vineyard this upcoming Saturday.
Here is a peek at some of the examples for the class.
This class will go over a few new techniques
that we have discussed in past classes.
If you are in the area this Saturday… stop in and say “Hello”!

Upcoming Classes

Dark Mystery Shadowbox Class examples at Frenzy Stamper.

Having trouble with Blogger today….
Acting a little hinky.

Wanted to attach this with the last post… but its fighting me.

So we have two upcoming classes in the next week.
So if your looking for a spooky creative time.
We would love to have ya.

This Saturday October 10th.
We will be teaching at Frenzy Stamper in Old Scottsdale.
The is our Dark Mystery Shadowbox Class.
We will be exploring how to convert a cigar box
into a perfect dark and mysterious tell tale box.

All supplies will be provided.
All students will receive a curio kit filled with goodies.
Here’s a peek at the project.

Dark Mystery Shadowbox Class example at Frenzy Stamper.

Then On Thursday Oct 15th.
We will be back at Frenzy Stamper.
To teach our Halloween Silhouettes and colored beeswax class.
In this class we will explore the basics of beeswax.
Then dive in to the benefits of colored wax,
imprinting & stamping, and introduce molding with beeswax.
All to achieve a spooky delightful piece.
All supplies will be provided.
Students will be able to choose their own
imagery from a vast Halloween collection.

Here is a peek at a few examples:

My creation

An added bonus to classes at Frenzy Stamper….
Besides such a fine classroom,
creative store owner, and eye candy inspiring shelves.

is so close for a quick cupcake boost.

Red velvet……. hmmm

Mystic Paper Class Update

So here is a quick update on a few good things in connection
with one of our favorite stores in all the world.

This upcoming Saturday we will be teaching at Mystic Paper.
This class has bounced around a few times…
but I promise this will be a good one.
We are teaching our “Shabby Silhouettes Beeswax Collage Class”,
But this time you are creating a set.
Everyone in class is going to create a 12 X 12 collaged panel
and two 5 X 5 mini panels.

My creation

We have also added a few new techniques to this class
and lots and lots of new imagery.
From Steampunk to Marie, from chandeliers to bees.
Plus we will be getting a jump on a few Halloween images.
So if your ready for Halloween……. Give us a visit.
Above is an example mosaic of pieces that can be created.

Speaking of Mystic Paper….

Many of you already know that if you are looking for me….
Most often I can be found in that store..
more often than at home or in my studio.

It has everything I dig the most, vintage papers, glues and inks,
ephemera bags, doll parts, skeletons, beads and charms, stamps, ribbon,
watch parts, bottles, license plates, UTEE, and the unexpected.
The unexpected is the best part.
You never know what you might find.
Because goodies are coming and going.
As a matter of fact .. just yesterday I was offered the
biggest damn hippie wood collage
( for my own dismantling needs) that I had ever seen in my life.
It was lurking in the basement… a left over
from Kim( co-owner) & her husband’s travels.

Also the Mystic Paper building has a ghost or three……

Its also one of my favorite stores…
because it has three of my favorite ladies in the world.
Jennifer, Kim , and Ellen.

Mystic Paper was the first place that offered me a home as a
teacher of mixed media here in town.

As Lesley and I have cultivated creativity in others,
they have done the same for us.

Next month on Saturday, September 12th
They will be hosting an all day
teaching event and vendor Faire

in celebration of their 5 Year Anniversary!

I hope that you will mark your calendar and come and join us.

Here is a sneek peek of the class that Lesley and I will be teaching that night.
It’s called the “Dark Side of Youth”.

Paper Vineyard last Saturday!

Super fine tunes, a high energy classroom , and great pieces!
Lesley and I taught another beeswax class on Saturday at Paper Vineyard!
What a classroom!
From the moment we arrived the place
was humming with folks coming and going.
For this project store owner Adriana Granado and us came up
with a “Marie Antoinette” theme.
It was a great class.
Everyone was very enthusiastic, eager, and daring.
Did I say daring?
Yes I did… we had a few folks that took a risk on us.
New to working with beeswax and all that
may be called mixed media goodness.
Its not always easy jumping into new mediums.
Especially in a classroom environment.
You really need to give yourself over to the experience.
If you do…
The creative reward can be high.
These ladies gave into the process wholeheartedly!
All the pieces came out fantastic.
I hope that everyone enjoyed the experience.
We know that we did!
Thank you so much Adriana for having us visit.
Can’t wait to come back next month!
Thanks Tina for your help ..
and also your photos…