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bride of frankenstein

13 Days of Halloween

Elsa Lanchester as “The Bride of Frankenstein”

So here is imagery for the 11th day of
our 13 Days of Halloween….

This morning we have “The Bride of Frankenstein”.
In truth I can’t really watch the movie from start to finish.
I get bored….
Very bored…
But I love the romantic sense of it…
Monster needs a girlfriend… etc
I love the imagery in this movie…
Certain scenes call to me..

Bride of Frankenstein Scenes Animated Animation Gif

One of these days …

I will do a stunning acrylic or sketch of the bride…
One of these days..
At Mystic Paper ( one of our local shops) they
had  an “Altered Barbie Swap” last month.
My favorite was the “Bride of Frankenstein Barbie’.
Bravo to the artist.
So here are some images for your pleasure…

 Hope they inspire…