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13 Days of Halloween….

13 Days of Halloween….
Okay kids… for today we have an old vintage favorite.
Today the imagery is from the old calendar pages from
The Antikamnia Chemical Company of St. Louis, Missouri.
Antikamnia was a scary little pill with caffeine, sodium b, citric acid.
and acetanalid…Used as a fever reducer and all around pain reliever.
During 1897-1901 theĀ  company produced several calendars
with “Skeleton Sketches”– based on watercolors
by the local physician-artist Louis Crucius.
I have taken my favorites of these and compiled
them into a collage sheet for ya…
Also I have posted my two fav’s in a bigger format.

– Lesley & Mike




Art A Day- Monday August 24, 2009

So here is today’s Photoshop creation.
A quick compilation of layers.
Titled “Golden”.
Below are the images used.
Feel free to download the images and use as you deem fit.
All are copyright free.
If you create something majestic… send me your image for posting.
Happy Crafting!
-Michael Jack

Collage Sheet Monday 11/17/08

Eggs, eggs, and more eggs.
Happy crafting!

Eggs #1

Eggs #2

Eggs #3


Eggs #4

Flying Monkeys and Wicked Witches Collage sheet!

I was working on a “Wizard of Oz” piece for a friend. Enjoy.

Wizard Of Oz #2

Wizard Of Oz #1

Collage Sheet Monday 9/01/08

Happy Labor Day to all! May it be a day of rest and relaxation for ya! Or a day of crafting and dandy art making.I have decided to bring back my old friend “Collage Sheet Monday”. So here are two new sheets for your art making needs. I have been prepping and working on Halloween. I have skeletons on the brain this week. If you make something dandy with any of the images- send me a copy.Love to see what others are doing. Talk soon. You asked for it Debbie! I hope you like them!

Skeleton Collage Sheet 1

Skeleton Collage Sheet 2

Skeleton Collage Sheet 3

The new set up!

Many of you might remember a few months ago I had a creativity challenge and free image Friday’s for awhile. So in the last bit I have decided to revamp a few things. Its been some time -chewing on a few things. But I believe things are going to work like this:

Masterpiece Monday’s
Banner Manner Tuesday
Thursday Technique & Tips
Free Image Friday

Good old blogging in between. If your curious about what these might be and look like – check back. If you have any ideas for me-let me know… I’ll be back later today.