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13 Days of Halloween….

 ATC “Creeper” Sheet #1
Happy Monday everyone!
Hope that you all had a great weekend.
A “big thanks” to everyone that came
and joined us for classes last week.
We had a great time.
Saturday’s class was the perfect way to end the month.
So for the 13 Days of Halloween… 
( I know… I’m behind..) 
Here is for days 10 & 9…. 
I created a deck of ATC sized “Creeper” Cards..
I think the word “Creeper” fits it best…
I hope that they inspire…
Feel free to use …however you like…
To download just click on the image… 
and follow the directions..  
Also for your viewing pleasure… 

Walt Disney’s La Danza Macabra The Skeleton Dance 1929


13 Days of Halloween….

13-Days of Halloween…Vamps….

I’m behind… but here we go….
This is for Tuesday….
We cannot think of Halloween without vamps….
Lesley and I love our vampy sirens of silent film…
Our favorite would be Theda Bara.
Theodosia Burr Goodman was her true name.
One of the early sex symbols of American cinema.
The first real “femme fatale”of the screen…
first to be labeled “The Vamp”.
One of our other favorites would be Pola Negri.
So day 13 is dedicated to the “vamps of early cinema”.

All about the fun!

A great way to kick off the summer.
Can’t wait.
Still working on my costume.
If your local and in town….you should check it out!

If you go… you might not be able to find me.
I might be in
drag, wear a swag, or just a checkered flag!
For more info: Bohemian Bliss Soiree

Post photos and more this weekend.

Eye candy folks.
Its all about eye candy.
I can never turn down an invite for artistic eye candy.

No posts? New colors! New Beeswax!

Ok I’m back.
I missed a day and then some….
My modem conked out. No Internet for a day.
What was I going to do with myself?
I had Facebook withdrawals, email worries, and blogging breakdown.

So I locked myself in the studio for several hours….
I bees waxed my little heart out.
Lesley and I have discussed changing the color palette for the summer work.
Lately we have been toying with the new Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints.
Love her color palette choices.
The best.
Also I have been meaning to dabble with the new alcohol inks.
So combine the two with a few new beeswax techniques.
What do you get?
Damn cool beeswax pieces.
I know that we may loose a few- we will gain a few.
Don’t worry… we still love dark meat. Gothic touch, etc….
Here is a peek. I will post more on Flickr later. Perhaps a class.
Need to restock our Etsy.
I have promised a few people certain pieces for awhile now.

Art A Day- Self Discipilne

Ok kids- here we go….
Many of you know that for the last
two years I have gone back to school.
My schedule has been hectic.
Trying to get projects done has been sometimes difficult.
Journal times have been nonexistent.
My blogging did the same thing for awhile.
We went MIA for several moths .
We are back and with a vengeance.
One of the many things that I have vowed would
be done once school was finished was daily journals and artwork.
So here we go.
Today’s art piece is a Photoshop collage piece.
Mainly created by working a vintage public domain pic
and one of my recent beeswax pieces.
I wanted a romantic image on a strong textured background.

Here are the two pics.

Then with some layer work.
A little smudge and erasing. I got what I wanted.
It has no title currently. If you have a suggestion please let me know.
Talk soon

Cowgirls, Crafting, and Collage

Cowgirl 2-Elvgren
I mentioned a post about LAAASING.
It’s coming I promise.
I just finished a big school project. School is almost done.
Finals this week and next!
That’s why many- have not seen- nor heard from me lately.
But at the moment – I need to get away from the
computer and any tech related obligations.
But before I go into the studio, and lock myself away into projects.
I know that many friends have begun working on cowgirl related projects!
So I thought that I would drop a few inspirational images.
Have fun.

Cowgirl 1-Elvgren

Cowgirl 3-Elvgren

Cowgirl sheet