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Tim, Curio Boxes, UTEE Hearts, and more…

Summer Camp started last week…
Kids on a manic high…
The heat here in Arizona is rapidly rising….
Last Friday Lesley and I ended the week exhausted…
Utterly and creatively done…
Lesley and I needed a recharge of sorts…
Luckily something special came along…

The Frenzy Stamper Queen & Hubby

This weekend was Frenzy Stamper’s Birthday Celebration!
A “huge hug” & “congratulations” to Debbie for a fantastic seven years!
May there be many more…
In celebration Tim was going to be in
town teaching for this auspicious event.
So early Saturday morning Lesley and I
dragged our weary souls over to Old Scottsdale.
Filled ourselves with Lattes and Espresso.

Then prepared ourselves for an all day teaching event with Tim.
When you take a class you hope for
a good teacher with passion and panache?
We surely do.

Tim has it all.

He cares and he is infectious with his passions.
A good teacher should entertain, enlighten, and inspire.
Something that we always try to do within our own classes.
Nothing is better than an engaging, enthusiastic,

charismatic and generous instructor.

Great class Tim!

Thank you Tim & Mario for your generosity, stories, and laughter.
Here are a few pics from class and our finished “curio” boxes.
It was also great to run into a more than a few familiar faces in class.
Congratulations again Ellen!
Here are a few class pics and completed project.
Also… Lesley and I both won prizes… unheard of… its a never…
but on this day two fantastic prize bags came our way.
Thanks Deb!

First part of class.

Midway point….

Working thru lunch… Table partners… Joy & Barbara..a pure pleasure.

Lesley’s completed box….

Mike’s box….

..After Tim’s class…. we had a day of quick lazy rest.

Watched the “Tudors” and chased the dogs around
pulling “foxtails” out of paws.

Then we decided to get Chinese food and throw some lawn chairs in the back
of the truck and head to the drive in and watch “Sex & The City 2”.
A fine time to be had…
Then we taught a section of class at Paper Vineyard on Monday.
Played with UTEE and Amate pendants.
Thanks all that stopped in!
We will be teaching an “UTEE & Pendants” Technique Class this month at Paper Vineyard.
More info and examples coming later tonight.
We will be in Payson on Saturday teaching our
special “Metal Tape”and Bird Plaque class.
This is an impromptu class that we just put on the schedule.
So if you are interested give Paper & Metal Scrappers a ring.
We hope that you all had a great Memorial Day weekend!
Talk soon,
Mike & Lesley

Resin, Beeswax, and laughs…

Amate Studios pendants filled with resin & more…

So new classes on the schedule… more to add…
Here is a peek at Saturday’s Amate Way” class
at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale.

Everyone will be given four pendants and will
be taught three “no stress and mess”techniques
for creating great pieces.
We will introduce working with
UV resin, enameling resin, and polymer clay.

Then next Saturday we can be found
at Paper Vineyard in Chandler.
We will be teaching
a specialized beeswax technique class.
Followed with a beeswax scrap and lab.
Here is a peek at the” technique “board that everyone will create.

We will be bringing our trunks of imagery, transparencies,
pots, and more for this special event.
We hope to see ya!

Last Wednesday night we taught
our third Ranger Ink technique class at Frenzy Stamper.
It was all about ” Alcohol Inks”.
We had a great crowd and lots of laughs.
Thanks all.
A real big “Thanks” to Deb!
Here are a few pics to share…

Upcoming classes

Saturday’s “Amate Way” Class

I’m behind on updating my classes section on the blog and website.
Bad … I know.
It will soon be fixed.
But for you local folks here are a few updates for upcoming classes….
Also for you not so local folks… Good news.
Lesley and I are planning a few out of state visits in the next six months.
A few stops in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah,
Nevada, and New Mexico.
More on that coming soon…

But back to the local scene…

Wednesday of this week -will be part three of the
Ranger Ink series at Frenzy Stamper.
The theme is Alcohol Inks….
Here is a sneak peek at some of the
samples and methods.
Class starts at 6:00pm.

Then this Saturday we will return to
Frenzy Stamper for an “Amate Way” Class.
In this class we will be teaching students how to create four pendants
using “low stress and no mess” resin methods.
With a touch of polymer clay stamping.
Class is 4:30-7:30pm.
Hope to see ya…
Sneak peak of examples is posted up top…

A quick shout out to everyone that came out to
partake with the “make n take” at
Paper & Metal Scrappers in Payson on Friday.
We had a blast.
I hope that you all keep playing and creating with UTEE.
Thanks Armondo at Amate Studios for donating your heart pendants.
You helped make it a big success.
All the best to Barb & Brenda with the new location!
Thanks again all!
Here is a peak at the “make n take” project we did…
We called them “Alice Hearts”.

Also last Saturday it was great running into
a few artistic friends at Frenzy Stamper.
Able to get our hands on Michael Demeng’s
new book”Dusty Diablos”.
Love it.
Have a great Tuesday friends.

Ranger Technique Series begins tonight! Upcoming classes!

Hey All!
Still working on the new changes…
New blog and new website coming soon.

Not enough hours in the day.

Wanted to touch base.
Been working on lots of new classes and goodies.

Tonight we kick off a “Ranger Technique Series” at
Frenzy Stamper here in Scottsdale.

The Ranger technique series will be offered
every other Wednesday at Frenzy Stamper.
It is our hope that once we fully
share the “Ranger” library of techniques,

that we will then move into Altered Art methods.
Such as… image transfers, glazes, resins and gels, etc.
Every time a different topic.

Tonight is all about “Distress Ink”.
Everyone in attendance will be creating a tag book filled
with several inspiring techniques.
We will also be playing with Tim’s new colors…
Wild Honey is my new favorite.
Class is 6-8pm.

The next class will be on Wednesday March 24 , 6-8pm.
The technique: UTEE- Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
Below is a sneak peek at the sample board.

Also wanted to mention that a good friend
of mine has opened a new Blog/Store.
Many of the local folk might know of whom I speak.
If your ever looking for those hard to find creative pieces of curio.
The real deal.
This will be the place to find them.
Good luck “Altered Art Attic!
Talk with you all soon.

Happy Wednesday!

Eighties fix and December rush.

Unfinished beeswax panels in the studio.
I need an eighties fix today.
I take comfort in the eighties.
Thompson Twins, Breakfast Club, Depeche Mode, Ferris, Sixteen Candles,
big hair, Dallas, pegged and rolled jeans, early U2, a touch of punk,
Valley Girl, Duran Duran, Solid Gold.
The list can go on and on…
I need it this morning.
I need a relaxing moment of calm.
December is upon us.
It has hit fast and furious.
Lesley’s mom has had a kidney transplant this week.
(So far so good)
The family biz has been cranking away.
Holiday youth camps have been planned out.
Holiday orders and goodies have been in full swing.
Thanksgiving has been cleaned and settled.
Xmas is getting set up.
CHA pieces are being created.
Gifts for family and friends are being produced, found, and hunted.
Home essentials are seeking attention this month
the water heater, the dryer, the water pipes.
Computer fix it jobs are keeping me on my toes.
Freelance design has been found where it can.
The nights have gotten longer.
The weather has finally turned colder.
My immune system has been bombarded.
Working with kids… I get coughed on, wiped on, cried on,
spewed upon, groped, kicked, hugged, and glued.
Why do I love teaching?
Besides being an inspiration, sharing, and creating.
I love organized chaos.
Plus -you never have the same day.
Also I love snack time.
I like snack.
Two of my favorite words… snack… and lunch…

Kids also make me laugh.

Its always changing.
Never a boring moment.

So anywho…

With all that.
We have decided to take some time off for awhile.
We need to get caught up on a few things.
We have decided to spend the next month or two
centering on family and friends.

The studio will be staying busy!
But we have decided to cut back on adult teaching for the next month or two.

We have several new projects in the making, techniques to share,
and several tech/ web related ideas that we want to get started on.
Also a few artistic Holiday gatherings to plan.

So we will only be teaching once this month.

This class will be offered this Saturday!

At Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale.

We will be teaching our last beeswax collage class for the year.
The theme is “Romantic Twenties”.
From Paris to New York.
Music halls, flappers, silent film starlets, and showgirls.
If you are an advanced student and you would
like to fuse your own images so that you
can create a special gift in this class. Just send me your own
photos via email and I will prepare your images.

One of Saturday’s class samples…

Thanks everyone for reading.

I’m off to bounce over to Tim’s blog for a peek at today’s tag.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!

We give thanks to our families & friends.

Here are a few images we put together for ya. Enjoy all!
Have a great weekend.

Be back soon…

Creepy things…

creep·y play_w2(“C0738000”)http://img.tfd.com/m/sound.swf (krp)
adj. creep·i·er, creep·i·est Informal

1. Of or producing a sensation of uneasiness or fear,
as of things crawling on one’s skin: a creepy feeling; a creepy story.
2. Annoyingly unpleasant; repulsive: the creepy kids next door.
So… here is a post… all about the creepy.
Creepy happens.
A sensation that makes the hairs
on the back of your neck stand up.

I just got done reading a handful of books.
My favorites of these-all have a huge touch of creepy.
The most recent of these reads.
Were two of the three Scandinavian thrillers from Steig Larson.
Love these books.

I like it when creepy visits but doesn’t last.
I actually meant to throw this post up months ago.
More of an October story.

But I think about it all the time….

If you have ever rented a home or two…
You know that sometimes you inherit a little creepy.
Renters leave things behind.
Sometimes treasures can be found…but most often- not.
I once rented a place where the renters before forget to
pack up an entire alcohol cabinet.
That was a treasure.
Other times I have found baby alligator heads in
a broken crock pot in a basement.
That was disturbing.
Other times … dirty diapers, jewelery, books, furniture, gun powder,
broken toys, damaged pipes, broken windows, etc.

I have seen it all.

The worst thing we ever inherited was a “poltergeist” in
an old farmhouse in Sacramento, Ca.
My family moved in. We began restoration on the place.
I was in fourth grade at the time.
Place was extremely haunted.
Took us about three years to figure out that we needed to move.

Floating shower curtains, dead animals,
all the children suffering from nightmares.
Every family member can share a specific story or experience on that one.

Then sometimes you rent a place filled with other peoples history.
Photos, ephemera, storage spaces filled with crap.
The owner says that you are allowed
all access on the property… except for that one area.

Then after a month of renting you go look in that area anyway.

But have you ever rented a place with a secret room?

Have you ever rented a place for a few months?
Then you noticed something creepy?
My very rockin -artist- sister in law and brother had this happen.

Her and my brother rent this house up in Seattle.
When one day they noticed they had a certain window on the house.
It should have been connected to a room?
They went investigating.
In the extra bedroom they found a secret door…
Behind a mock wall was a secret little room.
Here is a picture of what they found…
Also a link to her post…describing what they found…
The Wolf Aesthetic
Because she writes it better than me…

Enjoy… sometimes creepy lingers…

Talk with you all soon!