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Ranger Ink

Summer is here! I love it!

Paper Vineyard Class Sample… “UTEE Pendants”

Summer is here kids!
Full on.
Love it.
The weekend has started early for us.
We intend to take full advantage of it.

So I posted some info about classes the other day…
Let me finish what I started.
So here is a pic of the class that we will be teaching
at Paper Vineyard on Saturday, June 19th.
UTEE Pendants“…
Playing and stamping with UTEE.
We will fill a few Ranger frames,
check out some “Amate Studios” blanks,
and create some image buttons.

We will be in “Payson” tomorrow at Paper & Metal Scrappers….
Teaching our “Metal Tape and Bird Plaque Class”.
This is the project that we had published
in Design Originals “Trends & Trinkets” book.

Metal Tape and Bird Plaque Class Sample

So here are a few items to share with you for your crafting or more.
We found these while searching last weekend…

I loved the post card… it just had a cool vibe.

The second pic… is an old school photo.
I love old school photos… love them. They speak volumes to me.
Happy kids, depressed kids, friends for life,
You look at each kid … they each have such a story.

I have a big collection of school photos going…
I think this weekend I will do a big post about school photos.
Take care….have a fantastic Friday!
Go do something bold and big!
Talk soon,
Mike & Lesley


Resin, Beeswax, and laughs…

Amate Studios pendants filled with resin & more…

So new classes on the schedule… more to add…
Here is a peek at Saturday’s Amate Way” class
at Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale.

Everyone will be given four pendants and will
be taught three “no stress and mess”techniques
for creating great pieces.
We will introduce working with
UV resin, enameling resin, and polymer clay.

Then next Saturday we can be found
at Paper Vineyard in Chandler.
We will be teaching
a specialized beeswax technique class.
Followed with a beeswax scrap and lab.
Here is a peek at the” technique “board that everyone will create.

We will be bringing our trunks of imagery, transparencies,
pots, and more for this special event.
We hope to see ya!

Last Wednesday night we taught
our third Ranger Ink technique class at Frenzy Stamper.
It was all about ” Alcohol Inks”.
We had a great crowd and lots of laughs.
Thanks all.
A real big “Thanks” to Deb!
Here are a few pics to share…

Ranger Technique Series begins tonight! Upcoming classes!

Hey All!
Still working on the new changes…
New blog and new website coming soon.

Not enough hours in the day.

Wanted to touch base.
Been working on lots of new classes and goodies.

Tonight we kick off a “Ranger Technique Series” at
Frenzy Stamper here in Scottsdale.

The Ranger technique series will be offered
every other Wednesday at Frenzy Stamper.
It is our hope that once we fully
share the “Ranger” library of techniques,

that we will then move into Altered Art methods.
Such as… image transfers, glazes, resins and gels, etc.
Every time a different topic.

Tonight is all about “Distress Ink”.
Everyone in attendance will be creating a tag book filled
with several inspiring techniques.
We will also be playing with Tim’s new colors…
Wild Honey is my new favorite.
Class is 6-8pm.

The next class will be on Wednesday March 24 , 6-8pm.
The technique: UTEE- Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel
Below is a sneak peek at the sample board.

Also wanted to mention that a good friend
of mine has opened a new Blog/Store.
Many of the local folk might know of whom I speak.
If your ever looking for those hard to find creative pieces of curio.
The real deal.
This will be the place to find them.
Good luck “Altered Art Attic!
Talk with you all soon.

Happy Wednesday!

A quick post…Paris on the brain..

Me and some of the talented ladies from class at Paper Vineyard. I’m such a nerd!

Hey all!
Had a great weekend.
Hope that you all did as well.
Talked with old friends (thanks Christi), had enjoyable food, made some great gifts,
and celebrated a very special birthday.
Not to mention slept in a bit…. had time to read several books…
I owned the weekend.
The weekend usually owns us.
Had a terrific class on Saturday…
Ranger Ink Technique… Mini Ranger U as some call it.
Fun times. I love teaching this class.
Because every time I teach it I find something new.
Thanks to everyone at Paper Vineyard for a great class.
More class notes are coming soon.
I will be traveling over to the PV this morning to drop off another
sample for our class on November 21st.
Here is a peek at another sample for this class.

Our new “Paris” set is looking damn good.
Tim’s new “French Marketplace” stamps are adding to the cool effects.
I was waiting for someone to create a stunning Paris set.
Leave it to him.
I believe his “I See Paris” stamp set is one of my fav’s of all time.
Each are used in the sample above.
Thanks Tim!

Also a big “Thanks” to everyone that sent us photos
for our repair and restoration boards.
Your pics are great.
Not only did we receive some very challenging photos…..
but some incredible stories to go with them.
We have decided to work on all the photos that have been sent.
So if you have not heard from us yet.
Don’t give up hope.. you will.
We will have them back to ya as soon as we can.
Keep your eyes posted.
Some are a bit more challenging than others…..
Thanks again everyone.

More later….
Have a great Tuesday!

A quick class update & also a giveaway!

Playing this weekend..my new self portrait..
All last month I was playing with creating an
“Alice In Wonderland”set of digital prints. Almost done.
That was my fist attempt at a Mad Hatter / Steampunk character.
I was having trouble… less Mad Hatter… more odd.
So I took a photo of myself from last Halloween and blended it into the piece.
Not bad..
Here is a peek at one of the pieces from the “Alice” set.
Its the “March Hare” print….
Its coming along…

A giveaway of sorts…
Ok bloggers I need help….
Getting ready for the holidays.
Every year one of the big requests I get from folks is to do some
repair and restoration with photos.

I’m now in the process of putting together some display boards for service.

I need a good challenge…

I ‘m on the search for damaged photos..
So… it goes like this..
If you have a damaged photo …
a cherished photo on the brink of hopelessness…
tears? bends? fade out? discoloration? spots ? and noise?etc…
If you send it to me via email…
I will choose the top five -that I feel need my assistance the most.
I will repair your photo….and send it back to ya via email.

In exchange for repairing your photo…
All I ask …is that I can use it in my portfolio and display boards of work done.
Not going to resell your image, use it in my artwork, no collage cd, etc..

Just repair…… then back at ya!

If you would like to send me a photo or two…

Just scan your photo.

Send it to me as big as you can get it… 300dpi would be the best.
If you have no idea about dpi… just scan and send … I’ll work with what I can..

Send it to:
Once received I will confirm with you via email…
Give me a day or two…
I ‘ll fix and post it here and send back to you within a couple of days.

Here is also an upcoming class update!
Lesley and I due to busy schedules, family, and more…
will only be teaching two classes this month.

Both will be at Paper Vineyard.
The first class is this Saturday at 10:00am
at Paper Vineyard.
Its our
Ranger Ink Technique Class Part 1
or as some like to call it “Mini Ranger U” class.
This is one of my favorite classes.

I love nothing more than sharing all the
techniques that I learned from Tim, Claudine, and Suze.

If you have Ranger products at home,
and your not sure how to incorporate them into your work,

or get the best results from these products.
This class is for you!

This class is all about the process and the journey.

Everyone will leave with a full tag book
with detailed directions for each technique.

Here is also a quick peek at our “Pretty Paris” Beeswax Collage Class.
This class will be taught at

Paper Vineyard on Saturday , November 21st at 1:00pm.
We will post more on this before Friday…
we have a few more examples coming up.

If you have any questions … send us an email.
Talk soon,


So what have we been doing?

So what have we been doing?
Where have we been?
Another few days… and then we can be social.
Sorry if we have neglected you for a spell.
Lesley and I have been moving fast.
Fall will be upon us soon.
This summer is going fast.

So a quick update…

“Thank you” to everyone for your kind comments and emails concerning
our lost friend Eddie. He has yet to return… but we keep looking.
Our buddy Teddy was so lonely and sad.
That we decided to adopt a new member to our clan.
A special situation came up… one that we couldn’t resist.
This is Rocky…the new member of our family.
Rocky is a bit of a wild one…

So besides searching for a cat…
and taking care of doggie depression.
Lesley and I have been in the studio non stop.
Or should I say… the studio is all over the house non stop.
We have metal tape & grunge board collage with
Idea-ology accents all over the living room.
We have “steampunk” and “shabby chic” birdhouses
being created in the dinning room.
We have Marie Antoinette beeswax creations and
constant resin experiments happening in the studio.
We have circus themed jewelery in the kitchen.
We have UPS packing and shipping in between all other areas.
We have classroom materials still waiting to be unpacked.
We have artistic deadlines for the fall coming at us quick.
In between all this… Lesley and I are working our daytime jobs as well.
We should be coming up for air soon…
But here is a quick peek at some of the goodies we have been making…
A few will be class examples..
Also new collage sheets and images will be up soon… the next week or two.
Some of you have asked..
I took the old ones down for re-organizing and new design.

One of Lesley’s altered birdhouses. She’s working on a set.

Lesley’s need for “Steampunk“.
We have created a collection of “steampunky” type stencils and silhouettes.

Lately her favorite tool of choice has become Tim H’s vinyl masks.
We dig the look .

We have finally started working on our Marie Antoinette pieces.
We have been creating several “Marie” stencils and silhouettes to use.
The birdcages used are from the digital brush pack from the House of3.
Created by Rhonna Farrer. I love the way they look.
Her work is great.

We love the color palette of Claudine’s paint from Ranger.
Paired with the new alcohol inks…..
Perfect combo.

Talk soon all!

No posts? New colors! New Beeswax!

Ok I’m back.
I missed a day and then some….
My modem conked out. No Internet for a day.
What was I going to do with myself?
I had Facebook withdrawals, email worries, and blogging breakdown.

So I locked myself in the studio for several hours….
I bees waxed my little heart out.
Lesley and I have discussed changing the color palette for the summer work.
Lately we have been toying with the new Claudine Hellmuth Studio paints.
Love her color palette choices.
The best.
Also I have been meaning to dabble with the new alcohol inks.
So combine the two with a few new beeswax techniques.
What do you get?
Damn cool beeswax pieces.
I know that we may loose a few- we will gain a few.
Don’t worry… we still love dark meat. Gothic touch, etc….
Here is a peek. I will post more on Flickr later. Perhaps a class.
Need to restock our Etsy.
I have promised a few people certain pieces for awhile now.