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Suze Weinberg

Beeswax Collage Tutorial

Beeswax Post!

Tutorial or technique every Wednesday.
A few tips, a little shop talk, a video tutorial or two,
a little beeswax gallery show.
Share things that have worked, and some things that have not.
What you need to keep in mind.
When watching and trading methods.
What you need to do- take what you want from any class,
tutorial, tip, etc- then throw away what you consider to be crap.
Use common sense.
Don’t do what you feel is not safe or good for you.
There is alot of misinformed crap out there in “youtube” land.
Your job- to be inspired by some of what you see. Not duped.
Meaning-just because someone has a video
camera- and posts a video tutorial online.
Does not mean they are an experienced instructor looking after your safety.

#1 rule for any artist, or designer- always be taking classes, keep learning.

The more you learn-the better your storytelling will become. In all mediums.

Also learn the method or process.
Then put your own spin on it.
You are not here to emulate someone else’s work (copycat)- but to learn
the process and then weave your own experiences and voice into that process.

The tips I share work for me-it is my view-
sometimes shared with others- sometimes not.
But if you like my results- then go with it!

Because I’m damn tired tonight. A long day of many things.
I’m throwing up a video tutorial. A damn good one.

A beeswaxy friend of mine.

In the last year I have seen this woman
wrestle every artistic way that beeswax can go.
The other day on her blog she got out her flame torch and her shellac.
A nasty smelling studio process for sure.
But the results fantastic.

At Ranger U she knocked my socks off with her

buzzing energy and her Jersey ways!

I believe she did one of the best beeswax video tutorials to be found.
So enjoy. She covers several great techniques.
Mold making with beeswax is one of my personal favorites.

Here is “Buzzing with Beeswax” with Suze Weinberg.
Also check out more beeswax links on the right sidebar.


I hope that you go and give some of these techniques a try.


The Ranger U Experience! Part 1

Ok folks- I’m back. Rested. Unpacked. Getting back into the rhythm of things.

Lets jump back a few days.
When last we saw our main character.
He was awe struck in his travels at the wonder factory called Ranger Ink.

Found deep in the heart of Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

He was being led in daily rituals of art creation and technique.

Being led by a mad man- with a bright smile.

It was all very Willy Wonka like.
I felt very much like the deserving kid who had a golden ticket.

Over the weekend would I meet a Veruca Salt? A Violet?

A Charlie Bucket type?

An Oompa Loompa perhaps?
Wait and see….

Day 1- Friday.
Meet and greet.
The Ranger Team. You meet them all.
Bonnie, Patty, Michelle, Debbie, Jackie, Janice, Teresa!
Who are they?
Marketing, Art Direction, In-house Artist, Logistics Manger, Reception.
Ranger is well stocked on talent these days.
As you walked in- you met them all.

A quick breakfast with everyone.

You meet the triple threat over doughnuts and coffee.

The mighty triad. Suze, Tim, Claudine.

As I was shoving a doughnut in my mouth I looked over and found the bright and shiny Claudine Hellmuth standing next to me. My mouth was filled with doughnut. She looked over at me. She flashed me that fantastic smile. I instantly felt like Lenny of “Mice and Men.” I wanted to pet her hair. If you have ever seen her- you know what I mean.
I also wanted to say something really smart and clever.

I’m standing next to Claudine Hellmuth I thought. I’m a huge fan of her work.

I wanted to introduce myself.

I couldn’t say anything. I was choking on doughnut. She moved on.

I swallowed my doughnut.

Good times… I thought. Good times… Classy brother. Real Classy.

Some days it’s really hard to be cool

I then looked for a good seat in the room. It was very much like the first day of school. Need to find the correct chair. Not in the back, not in the front.

Don’t want to get the bad chair.
I’m not sure where the bad chair was in this classroom.
But every classroom has one.


Found a good chair- this was going to be my station for the next three days.
Every chair had a workstation set up. Each station had a nonstick craft sheet, tools of the trade, Ranger apron, big fat folder of technique.

Name tags began to be passed around.

We then went on a tour of the factory. This was cool for a few reasons- you saw the size of Ranger Ink, you saw the heart of Ranger, you met the owners.
Plus we saw “Stickles” made.
Then it was back to the classroom. Where we were given a huge box of goodies. It was like Christmas. Seriously. It all became very ritualized.
You came in, received goodies, opened goodies, created with goodies.
I’m still unpacking Ranger supplies. My bag was way over the 55 pounds rule when I checked in at the airport. Had to pay a little more.
But that’s another story.

In three days we would learn seventy five techniques.
Friday afternoon we tackled 24 of those techniques. We covered melt art exploration with Suze. Then we rolled into Claudine’s new product line of acrylic paint and more…

Tags, Tags, Tags-my pile of technique tags.

We then ended the day with a big old BBQ.
By the end of that first day.
I was jet lagged, filled with ideas, and totally wiped out.
I completely crashed. So here are a few pics. Most of these pics I have received off of some of my new Ranger friends sites. I hope they don’t mind. I had the worst luck with my camera and camera related ideas. It was my hope to take many of my photos with a small figure in each.
The travelling gnome idea.
I forgot all my traveling com padres
at home (that morning I left for the airport).

Then once I arrived at Ranger headquarters some of the team members had heard about my need to take such photos. They loaned a few Powder Puff Girls for some great memory shots.
No such luck. The little digital camera that I brought with me had many a problem. I left my big boy cameras at home. To big, to bulky, worried about all my lenses. I wanted something small to carry. This little camera that I brought with me has a few problems. So not may of my photos turned out. So I have become a pirate and decided to borrow a few from friends. I hope they don’t mind. Then I decided to add a little something extra to a few shots. Perhaps you recognize him? I will post again later this afternoon or tonight.

Thanks all. Talk soon.

Is this wrong? Perhaps in so many ways…. or really , really good? Hmm….
Things that make you go Hmmmm……. Thanks you three!

My new friend Janice at Ranger. She says she doesn’t play.
Meaning she doesn’t make art and creations. Pull my leg!

Hanging with the Suze. Talking wax and more….

Debbie, Lisa, and Michelle.

The sunny & bright Claudine!